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Computer I built is running slow :(

Hello, I recently built a new computer in December and has been running well, but recently it is not performing well. Everything is slower except maybe the boot. I used to run games such as Total War Shogun 2 on high at 50 fps but now I run it at low settings at 20 fps. My browser also takes longer to respond when closing a tab or clicking on a link. I don't know if this will help but every time I turn off my computer I hear a loud squealing noise possible from my hard drive, but this doesn't happen when I hold the power button to turn it off. My setup is; Zotac GTS 450 AMP! edition, AMD Phenom II X4 970, g.skill sniper 8gb ram at ddr3 1333, Seagate 500gb internal hard drive, asus M4A88T-M. I hope you can help me fix my problem. Thank you!
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  1. Probably your Power Supply. Scan for viruses and post the specs of your power supply. My guess is:
    1. Your PSU is crappy, throttling the GPU.
    2. You have viruses bringing your computer to it's knees.
    3. Both.
  2. I have a DiabloTek PHD450 450-Watt Power Supply which might be the culprit considering I paid about 20 dollars for it :P. I just ran a full system scan and it didn't come up with any viruses so I don't think it's that.
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    yup! Get that PSU changed quick! In fact, I wouldn't even turn the computer on until you change it. It could literally EXPLODE at any minute. Unless you like indoor fireworks and the smell of burning computers, leave that thing alone......

    This PSU is much higher quality. I'd hate for you to have to rebuild your computer, so you should order one soon.
  4. Does it matter that the one you are linking me is 20 watts less? Does it make a difference?
  5. Wattage doesn't matter. It's about quality of the parts as well as the amperage. The PSU you got has crazy cheap parts. They can barely supply the amps needed to your computer, which is why you have the problems you do.

    This Corsair is made with substantially better stuff. Feel free to look up some reviews if you don't believe me!
  6. Corsair > Life
  7. Does it matter that for that PSU you linked me says it has 8 Pin EPS 12V but my mobo uses the 4 pin atx kind?
  8. It's fine. 8pin is compatible with 4pin.
  9. Ok, thank you for your help!
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