What is a good gaming mouse?

Hey guys I'm relatively new to all this gaming equipment and I used to use just basic laptops and whatever I could find. Now, I'm upgrading because its been five years and I'm severely outdated.

Right now I need help on a good mouse that will last me a while and has the basic needs for an FPS game.

I found one here:

My friend told me it was good and so I was considering buying it.
Anybody know if this is good? Oh and By the way i play a claw grip style
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  1. I don't know that mouse but it looks decent personally I have a Logitech G700 and I love it loads of programmable buttons and can change dpi at the touch of a button , also has a comfortable quality feel , if you play with a claw grip a Razer gaming mouse might suit you well
  2. Thanks Ill look into those Razer gaming mouses
  3. In love with my Logitech G9x
  4. i have the corsair m60 you linked

    great build quality--very precise and accurate for FPS games

    i use a fingertip grip and it works great for me

    would certainly recommend it
  5. I cannot recommend the Logitech MX518 highly enough. For the very cheap price its at, its an utter bargain. I've been using it over a year for heavy FPS gaming, no issues at all yet. Very useful buttons for grenades or whatever, as well as on the fly DPI changing.
  6. G500 and mx518 are good for first-person shooter games in my opinion like Counter Strike Source and Call of Duty.
  7. R.A.T. 7

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