$800 Gaming Desktop w/ Multi-Display Capability

Approximate Purchase Date: Before February 14, 2012

Budget Range: $800 Before Rebates; $730 w/ Rebates approx

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Schoolwork ( accessing multiple databases at once) Gaming, Surfing the Internet, Watching Movies, and Listening to Music
Parts Not Required: Mouse possibly speakers would appreciate options that list with or without speakers

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Newegg, TigerDirect, Circuit City, and Microcenter (in order of preference but really looking for the best deal)

Country: THE GOOD OL' United States of America &%*$ YEAH

Parts Preferences: okay here is where it gets tricky, I would prefer to have an AMD CPU intel is fine with an Asus mobo, if intel is a must would like information on which one will get me what I want which is to game on high settings some of the newest content ex. Skyrim and Crysis 2 fps=60> gaming will be primarily Swtor, and Skyrim on occasion, also a processor that comes with the fan I really dont want to have to assemble that myself nervous as it is about building a PC from scratch
Overclocking: if I can figure it out correctly then yes so therefore a maybe

SLI or Crossfire: No clue if crossfire is using to graph cards at once or something like that then maybe one day first build trying to take it easy

Monitor Resolution: monitor res no less than 1600x900, i actually have one picked out thats from ACer on newegg 89.99 20" LCD
Additional Comments:for the case I would like LED but it isnt a necessity, something with easy access to the mobo for upgrading I really like the case RAIDMAX Blackstorm ATX-615WW White Steel / Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case but if something similar can be found great or do what you must to help it reach my budget, Thanks for the help I hope I did this correctly this time :D.
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  1. for intel i5 2500k if you want to overclock and a p67 asus mobo is good enough for it, if your not overclocking an intel i5 2400 is good enough,

    for AMD i would recommend phenom II x6 1090T i use one my self it performs nicely on multi tasking stuff, well also depends on what you do but if you put gaming into it, the i5 might perform better but once you start playing you won't be caring much about those i can tell, like in battlefield3 you wouldbe like focusing on sniping someone or something along those lines as most games need stronger GPU as cpu doesn't offer much but it also depends on which game,

    you don't need crossfire or sli to play games, even a single card will perform well,

    with your current monitor a sapphire/xfx 6850 can overwhelm your resolution, for nvidia gtx 480 is more than enough if you can find one, even of both of those are @ stock clock,

    for overclocking, you don't really need to overclock, since many programs/games can hardly catch up with our current tech, of course unless your using a old CPU then overclocking it will let it play bf3 at a nicer rates

    phenom IIx6 1090T/hd 6850/gtx 480 can hold on until 4-5 years without overclocking, even if you do cad,

    intel i5 2400/gtx480/hd 6850,

    of course are your current resolution, and at single card too,

    for chassis maybe a NZXT phantom 410 if im correct the mid tower one, (white) would look nice on your pc,

    and you did list down that schoolwork is the most important stuff with accessing multiple database at once compared to gaming, so i do say go with an AMD 1090T

    for your gaming, even a 6850 1gb can play skyrim at your resolution at a nice fps even using an amd 1090t, same with 2500k/2400

    also same with when you use a gtx480 which is fairly a powerful card even until now that is if you can find one brand new
  2. btw sorry if my grammar/ sentence and other stuff is not perfect hope you won't hate me for that

    edit: btw don't worry about future proofing, as for me and many other people doesn't believe in future proofing,
    even i can assure you after 5 years all the pc i currently have in my house, phenomIix6 1090t, intel i5 2500k, bulldozer 8150, i7 3930k, all of them would be needing an upgrade,

    in 5 years the GPU i currenly have with them, which are msi gtx560ti 2gb, hd 6970 if by chance games that i play would go over to what they are right now, then yes i would be upgrading them.

    in 5 years my hard disk can stay even as of now, and probably i might still be able to keep my motherboard, on all those pc, if not then the only part i will normally get to keep is

    chassis/psu/hard disk/solid slate drives/optical drives/ram

    for mother board theres a chance where i might still keep them and not, depending on how our technology goes up in the next 5 years starting from 2012, and well if i won't be replacing them then in 3-5 years this is the time where i'll be needing to overclock my system as so they can keep up with the latest programs that i will be using,
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