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Help on making my first PC

Hello. I'm looking for a decent 500GB or 1000GB Hard Drive, I would like to know the name and price of the product. Thanks!
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  1. In order for us to help you to the best of our abilities, you'll have to fill out this form:

    The most important is probably budget and parts not required, thanks!
  2. I'm just looking for suggestions and prices.
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    yeah you really dont need to fill out a form. hard drive selection has nothing to do with the rest of your build unless its SSF or other specialty build. Sounds like your first build yea?

    As I understand it, hard drive manufacturing industry is still recovering from the floods they had at western digitals plants in east asia. So, while this may be the worst time to buy a HD ever, it is still only a $20-40 price increase I imagine. (I have not looked)

    Conversly, it is a really GOOD time to be buying SSD drives. Lots of competition and release of new technology has driven down prices especially on some smaller drives.

    If I were you I would get a 90GB SSD drive and a Terabyte external hD later if you needed it.

    If you absolutely must have a gigantic HD, just look at the solid brands like Western Digital on Im sure they have a few 500gb and 1tb drives available.
  4. These:
    are $160. Before the flood, they were $100. But it looks like things are getting better. They used to be $200.
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