Is this PSU good for my CPU/GPU (Corsair)

Hello guys, first time posting on this forum.. amazing forum i must say :D.

Quick question, i currently have:

Asus EAH6850
Intel G850 2.9 GHz
1 sata 2 1tb hdd
4gb ram

nothing fancy tbh..

Is the Corsair 500CX good for this combo? What about the 430CX?

I really want to get a Corsair PSU because i'm familiar with the brand and imo they make top quality products.

*I have very limited availability in my country for almost everything. So yeah.. no for me :(.

Thank you
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    The Corsair CX430 is sufficient for that system.
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  3. thank you.. just what i wanted to hear
  4. You're welcome - enjoy your PC!
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