Upgraded Comp Posts, but BSOD on Windows load, reboots in endless loop

My brother decided to upgrade his old comp with a i5 2500k and Asus Maximus iv gene-z Motherboard.

As the title explains, his comp will post, will enter bios, bios even shows the hard drive, but when it gets to the windows start up screen, it BSOD's for a fraction of a second and reboots. It gives the black screen with the count down to either boot normally, in safe mode, or last know good config. Either one you pick results in BSOD at the start up screen and repeats the process.

Now, we tried his hard drive in my comp. I just upgraded to an i5 2500k with a MSI P67A-C43 B3 Mother board and his hard drive booted up with no problems. If we put my hard drive in his comp, we still get the same problem of the endless reboot and BSOD.

We've unplugged everything except the hard drive and motherboard, and heatsink fan, and we still have the problem.

Haven't tried breadboarding it yet, but I can't help but feel it's the motherboard anyway.

Anyone happen to have experience or advice on how to determine if it is the Motherboard?
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  1. Full Re-install of Windows is required. This is somthing we must all go through sadly. Because you changed too much hardware. Windows detects the slightest changes in Hardware far as the BSOD, its because ^
  2. The computer, both mine and my brothers, started out as a Cyberpower pc roughly 5 or 6 years ago. He can not locate his recovery CD, however I have mine. We tried to using my recovery CD in the hopes we could do a windows repair, or worst case, reformat, however, the CD loads up the blue interface, but says it's installing some drivers and then reboots the computer. No options to do anything except his F6 ( I think that's what it was) to install some RAID drivers or something. It tries to start windows all on it's own

    That first reboot is the only time the BSOD will actually stay up until we hard boot the computer.

    The BSOD gives this error:

    stop: 0x000 0007BC0XF78D6524, 0XC0000034, 0X00000000, 0X00000000

    I also realize now, that I failed to mention in my previous post, that we both have windows XP.

    Also, why would a windows reinstall be necessary?

    When we put his hard drive in my computer, everything starts up fine. But when we put mine in his, we still have the problem.

    I upgraded my computer to the same(ish) hardware as his, and my hard drive works in my computer, and his hard drive works in my computer.

    Also, when I finished my upgrade, windows just told me it needed to re-register because it detected a lot of hardware changes.
  3. First,
    to make sure you didn't overlook something simple.

    Second, our basic troubleshooting thread:

    Third, You have two similar systems, one working, one not. I would use the working system as a test bed to check your parts
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