Hd 6770 upgrade - PSU?

Hey guys,

First off i'd like to say thanks in advance for checking out this post :)

I'm looking to upgrade my gfx card, currently have a Radeon HD 6770. I'm looking to upgrade to the HD 6950, reference/non-reference and unlocking doesn't bother me, happy to run it as a 6950 with 1408 shaders.

My issue is that i'm currently on a 450W PSU and am looking to upgrade it to support the new card. I'm not real comfortable with PSU's as I've had one go pop on me after about a year and a half (Yeah, learned the hard way) So i'd like some advice as to what a good PSU upgrade would be that would suit my build and new card.

Board: ASrock N68-VS3 UCC
Processor: AMD Phenom II quad @3.2GHz
Memory: 8gb DDR3

There is no current budget so shoot away!

Thanks guys!
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  1. Here you can check about what size PSU you need.


    Some of the Good PSU's are Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, and XFX. Make sure they are 80+ cert. Hope this is a littel help and good luck
  2. What's the brand of your current PSU? If it's reputable (Antec usually dominates the lower-wattage market), you'll be OK as is. If it's some no-name box, get a good 500W PSU and you'll be fine. ^yep Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, XFX. Cooler Master is OK too.
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