Upgrading Integrated Intel GMA 950

helo.. i'm having a problem.. i'm using Samsung N110 with Specs:-

-Intel Atom CPU N280..
-RAM 2.00GB..
-Graphic Card "Intel GMA 950"
-System Bit - 32bit..

now, i want to ask anybody who can help me.. how to upgrated My GMA 950 Graphic Card..?? or it's already can't upgrated..?? and.. about my processor, can change it to other processor that can improve my system..??
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  1. It cannot be upgraded.

    No netbooks have the option to upgrade the video card. Only some $1,500+ gaming laptops allows you to upgrade the video card.
  2. The general rule with laptops:

    When the CPU and GPU are not fast enough, time to buy a new laptop overall.

    Also, It's a Netbook. They are designed for web browsing and very light tasks, NO gaming outside of web-based Flash games.
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