Will price for Windows oem version increase?

Having just read:,20580.html

about Microsoft's plans to increase the price of Windows 8 upgrades from February, I am wondering if this applies to the OEM Full version. I'm planning a build in April/May and I'm putting together the components as I can afford them. I was going to get the CPU this month but if the price of Win 8 is about to rocket it might be a good idea to get that first.

Does anyone know the answer and direct me towards it?
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    As far as i know just the upgrade is increasing in price from the special upgrade price. If your planning on getting a Win 8 install disc it should be the same price it's always been.
  2. Excellent. The price thing has just made me think about current pc. And I've got a Leap Motion on order, which doesn't support xp!
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  4. you can do a clean install of Win 8 from the upgrade disc. You won't be able to activate it, though - attempting to will inform you that the activation code is from upgrades only, and not for clean installs. However, if you then run the disc again - in effect upgrading Windows 8 to Windows 8, you are asked from the product key at the beginning of the upgrade process, which will be accepted. Voila, clean install of activated Windows 8, from the upgrade disc. (It still sucks, 7 is better - I have had more problems with 8 than with 7 thus far.)
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