Every game that I instaal and play old and new is lagging,why?

I have an asus Amd Athlon Dual Proccessor 64 bit, 2.5ghz (5000hz)
ATI 5750 Graphics card
4 gig ram.
500gig hard drive.

Every game that I install old and new plays on high quality for about 5min then starts lagging for ±13 seconds and stop, and repeat every 13 seconds then on.Even on low quality it lags continuisly. I am reconsidering to format my hard drive and install windows 7 ultimate 64 bit again, but what if the problem still exists. PLEASE HELP ME, I am going out of my mind.
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  1. What psu do you have ? Yuo know gpu temps when it happens, cleaned old drivers, installed latest ones ? Is some program running in the background ?
  2. Can you tell us all which games (old/new) you´ve been playing?
  3. Is your GPU overheating?
    Are you running other programs when playing games?
    Was your PSU enough for your system?
    Are your drivers the latest?
  4. I fixed the problem myself, my heat sink fan wasn't cleaned for ages and my thermol gel that was on my cpu turned to dust. Bought new gel and cleaned heat sinc fan. PC running skyrim on ultra high now no lagging what so ever.Thanks for the reply though. It is good to know that someone cares.
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