[Resolved] Integrated Graphics will not run while GPU is plugged in

I am trying to install a new graphics card. I'm upgrading from an ATI which I installed with no trouble. Now I can't reinstall the ATI or install the new one because whenever I plug either card into my PCI slot the integrated graphics automatically default to the plugged in card (drivers for which are either disabled or not installed yet).

My BIOS has two options. Auto - computer automatically detects which device to use, integrated or GPU. Integrated/PCI - computer will use the integrated graphics unless a card is plugged into the PCI slot.
I'm paraphrasing but that's the gist of it.

It also doesn't help that I now can't boot off of my integrated card now unless I'm in safe mode or it hangs after loading the OS right before the desktop should appear. (I get a blue or a green screen when this happens.)
Still working on tracking down the cause of the integrated card hanging.

I'm still trouble shooting a billion unlikely solutions such as plugging the old card in and hoping it works despite having its drivers disabled, trying to reinstall the old card's drivers again and hope that makes a second copy of enabled drivers, ect. This'd be easier if the new card (Nvidia) allowed me to install the drivers without having the card plugged in but it won't. I can't seem to update my integrated card either to see if that will fix the problem due to safe mode. I don't know enough about Windows to figure out which processes I need or which could be the problem. I'm going to try and contact Intel about getting drivers without having to jump through their "product identification" hoops which won't work in safe mode.

My integrated graphics card - Intel(R) Q965/Q963 Express Chipset Family
My old graphics card - ATI Radeon 2600 XT
My "new" graphics card - GeForce GTX 430
My OS - Windows XP Professional
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  1. you do NOT need drivers installed to boot with a GPU. just stick it and connect the monitor and it should work. if you do this and don't get an image when you boot then you have a problem. just for starters make sure its fully seated and its power connector is plugged in if it has one.

    as for it hanging with the integrated gpu, get into safe mode and wipe ALL the graphics drivers and try again. this is most likely what's causing your issue as safe mode wouldn't load them and it sounds like you experimenting has made a mess. I would highly recommend getting windows 7 though if you can. there's really no reason to keep holding on to XP
  2. Magically my old card worked... I'm going to see if the new one will too and I know about how it is supposed to work without the drivers but it wasn't. I'll test it again since my computer seems to like me again.

    My experimenting actually hasn't resulted in much since all I've done is go into safe mode and try to update stuff since it wouldn't boot. And Windows 7 just uses so much memory... I want this computer to do other things than just play Windows' programs (I'll have to buy more RAM and Windows 7 is over $100 alone).

    You say I can wipe all graphics drivers and start fresh? By all do you mean integrated too? I'm hesitant to just uninstall them all. But time to try to reinstall the new graphics card again!
  3. Still no go on the new card. It was installed previously on another machine and the only way this was possible was by using the on-board graphics while it was plugged in so the drivers would install. No way to do this with my BIOS.

    When attempting to start up with the new card plugged in it gives the VGA out of range error and shows my monitor's native settings as the range it needs. Using these settings hasn't changed the error message nor has using the lowest possible resolution and refresh rate my monitor can display.
  4. What I ended up doing was trying to use Microsoft's remote desktop - didn't work since my ISP apparently operates behind a NAT so I found a website that offers a free trial for the same thing just circumvents the ISP port blocking/using issue. Installed with no hitches.
  5. Did some more work on the computer as the graphics was still not working properly, had to uninstall and reinstall driver sweeper, even in safe mode some of the drivers wouldn't come off, ended up having to delete the registry entry that kept turning them on and deleting all the drivers within the folder. Now it just says there is an AMD folder with drivers in it but it's just an empty folder and things seem much better now.
  6. Had to reformat anyway - computer graphics were still choppy. ATI is a very unfriendly company when it comes to removing their drivers and their cards overheat. Not recommended.
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