Does it matter if upgraded cpu before bios update?

Hi , I upgraded from celeron 2.2 dual - core 2 duo 2.93... I was told that updating bios dosn't always need to be done, if mobo is capable of cpu. When i popped new cpu in , got directed to bios and loaded optimal default's.. Would this affect cpu performance due to NOT updating prior to upgrade??? Plus i ran bios update from biostar website ( Within window's ).

If anyone can help me with this , it would be most appreciated . ;)
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  1. ah, i submitted a reply to the wrong post, DOH sorry :P
  2. The fact that it booted at all shows that it SHOULD be fine without an update, but you can look for an update to see if there is one pertaining to the new CPU.
  3. Always best to update with the old cpu as less chance of a bios failure using the new cpu that may not be 100% stable with the old bios.

    I would never directly update a bios fro the internet, download, stick on pen drive and do it locally, less chance of again corrupting bios.
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