$400 budget build

For my sister and nephew.

- 400$ after tax and shipping

purchase date - within the next few weeks

system useage - light stuff (music, browsing, homework, flash games, some video playback)

parts not required - mouse, keyboard, OS, monitor, speakers, printer

preferred site - wherever is cheapest, i used newegg and amazon (as long as the parts were prime eligible) when i put this one together since amazon = no tax & i'm a prime member

country - USA

preferred parts - N/A

SLI/crossfire - nope

monitor resolution - 1440x900

So this is what I've thrown together so far...I haven't kept up with hardware for a long time so I'm looking for input if what I have so far looks pretty good or if you'd change anything

cpu - i3 2120 119.99

mobo - Foxconn H61MX LGA1155 54.99

tower - GAMMA Classic Series ATX Mid Tower 39.99

psu - Cooler Master Elite 460W 34.98

ram - Corsair XMS3 4 GB 1333MHz PC3-10666 21.99

hdd - Western Digital 160 GB Caviar Blue WD1600AAJS 63.95

dvd-rw - iHAS124-04 19.30 after tax

TOTAL after tax and shipping

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  1. Good build.
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    Why not replace the FoxConn board with a slightly more reputable brand?

    How about a better PSU?

    And are you sure 160GB will be enough? Going to 500GB barely increases the price. The NZXT case is good though. Cable Management and painted interior are great pros to it.
  3. Thanks I must've overlooked that biostar motherboard. Also upgraded the hard drive and psu and still under 400.
  4. Also get the i3-2100. Even though you're not doing much gaming, wouldnt hurt to get something like a 6570.
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  6. At that price point and for low-average usage, I would go with a pre-built like:

    Includes OS and more which saves you another $100+.

    Just a suggestion.
  7. ^ is this dell inspiron 570 a good computer for the price?? my girlfriend is looking for the cheapest computer/performance that will be able to play alliance of valiant arms and be used for school work, and the some browsing ect, youtube ...
  8. Not sure about that specific game, but for budgets below $500-$600 pre-built are usually a better option (all things considered). I'll try to look up that game and find more about it.
  9. what about for around 300? is prebuilt best in that circumstance or not?
  10. in general yes you can get a "better" system for less than or equal to what you would spend on components with the lower budgets. Plus you don't have to put the system together/ troubleshoot it and the pre-builts have the manufacturer's warranty which can be easier to deal with than some of the components RMA services.


    And the pre-builts include the OS ($99-$140 right there)
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