Computer not meet the minimum requirements for installing ...

today I find myself with very weird problem...

almost, 50% of programs I try to open - I get message "This computer not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software"...

and I mean programs like Windows Movie Maker or new update for Intel...

I use windows 7
Geforce GTX 560
Intel Core i5-2400

everything worked fine yesterday (and I did not download / install anything at that time)...

any ideas how to fix it?

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  1. Open an elevated command prompt and type "sfc /scannow"

    Install an antivirus and do a full scan

    Check for devices with yellow ??? in device manager and install drivers for them
  2. +1 to sephirothink, and if his suggestion fails then see if you can find the specs of the software you are trying to install. There may be a specific hardware or software requirement for the stuff you want to install (yes, I know that Windows updates should not have such reqs, but MS often makes one update depend on a prior update).

    If all else fails, do a clean install.
  3. Also, check the Event Viewer. Might give you some clues/leads
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