Help required :)

I have a computer guys.
i5 2500k 3.3Ghz
intel dh67cl motherboard

NO GRAPHIC CARD :sarcastic:

4 Gb DDR3 Ram'

which ups i should buy ? ( how many watts )
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  1. Are you looking for a Power Supply Unit (PSU) to power your PC or a UPS (battery back-up and surge protection)? Do you intend on getting a graphic card?

    If you're not getting a graphic card, then a good 300-350W is more than enough for your PC. A couple of options:
  2. UPS? PSU you mean?

    This will be good enough for just a 2500k

    But it will have low upgradeability such as when you want to put a graphics card. If you want something that has good upgradeability get something like this:

    This will let you use cards like 670 or 7870
  3. If you mean PSU i recommend the CORSAIR Builder Series CX430 PSU, If you want something from a 6870 to a 7970 get a XFX PRO750W XXX Edition Semi-Modular PSU that may handle cards like the 690 although then you should look for a 850w or something...
  4. i am looking for a ups ( Uninterruptible power supply thingy , which makes your pc run for a certain time, when there is no power supply >_< ) for my pc.
    and i am also buying a graphic card ( Nvidia 560 ti ) soon , so suggest me something good :]
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