IS Corsair CX 500 enough sufficient for GTX 560 1GB DDR5

I think I've done a blunder. I have recently purchased a CORSAIR CX 500 and now I'm planning to upgrade my GPU to GTX560.
Now the problem is, is it sufficient enough to drain the GTX 560.
I've a core2duo processor (E7500) and 2X2GB DDR2 RAM.
I recently added a CoolerMaster DI5-9HDSL-OL-GP CPU cooler (fan with heatsink) and 2 CoolerMaster 80mm exhaust cabinet fans...
Please suggest me, cz if its not sufficient then I will go for GTX 550Ti instead of GTX 560, cz no way I'll be able to change PSU again
And, please dont suggest me any ATI cards, please
Thank You
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    Hello avi_in_lamborghini;

    You'll be OK with that Corsair CX500 PSU and a new GTX 560 or even GTX 560 ti graphics card.
  2. GTX 560
    Minimum System Power Requirement (W): 450W
    upplementary Power Connectors: Two 6-pin

    GTX 560 ti
    Minimum System Power Requirement (W): 500W
    upplementary Power Connectors: Two 6-pin
  3. Thanks WR2,
    But will u kindly explain me the "efficiency of a PSU"....its 80% in case of CX500 and therefore I thought 80% of the rated output ie, (80*500/100) it like this??..
    Thank You
  4. 500W DC to your parts @ 80% efficiency means the PSU will pull 600W AC from the wall socket.
    PSUs are always rated on how much DC power they provide to the parts.
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