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Hi all,

I am curious if I can strip down my laptop and build it into a custom made box, and use a regular case fan to cool the thing. Basically i would like to make an interesting case for it, something stylized. The current fan on the laptop is ready to die, so i was wondering if this could be one way to solve the problem. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Thanks, so im guessing it wont overheat? I dont want to fry anything, as it is now this laptop gets really hot and the fan is super loud.
  2. A dremel tool, drill, some thread taps, spare screws, soldering gun, maybe some other stuff, and you might be able to pull something together.

    You'd have to find a way to put standoffs on it to keep the motherboard off of the tray, and would have to drill new holes thread them; An issue would come in with the power switch, though, as you'd have to find which wire goes where in the laptop's control board, cut it, and splice them to the case's power and led leads. Not sure what you'd have to do about USB; if it's a standard header to a control board, you'd be fine, but if it's a usb port directly soldered to the motherboard, you might have an issue. Best thing to do would be to cut the motherboard header off of the case's usb line and carefully splice a male end in its place. Not sure if you could replace the stock laptop cooler on it with something else, though - would be EXTREMELY hard and risky if there wasn't an exact hole match, which I doubt there is.

    Should be interesting. :heink:
  3. Cheers, thanks for the info. Im hoping to build it into something the size of a brief case, not sure as i havent designed anything yet, first i just wanted to find out if it was possible. I will be using this as an HTPC, i want to design it like something james bond would use, something discreet.
  4. Hey, that's a really good idea!
    Judging by the age of this thread, you must have had time to complete it, yes?
    Have you? Did it work?
    Did you find any problems - if you did it?

    I'm planning to do a similar thing - I have a couple of old NB500's (Toshiba netbooks) and I want to do something similar too.

    Good on you!
  5. I like the idea. Post pics if you go for it!

    See if you can fit it into an NES case.

    A single 120mm exhaust fan on the top should move enough air to keep in cool. Just make sure whatever box you use is sealed except for an intake vent towards the bottom.
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