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I changed cou heatsink. Power lights turn on, DIMM LED and Motherboard LED come on. I tested power supply using power supply tester and it is good. I took motherboard out of the case and connect just cpu and power supply to it. That did the same thing. So I put in POST test card. It gives no error codes at all. Even no lights turn on to show this POST card is working. If i take CPU out then PC doesn't turn on at all (no power lights). So I guess CPU is good. Is my motherboard dead?

Asus Sabertooth p67 rev.3 Intel i7 2600k Corsair 8 Gig chips x 2

Any help will be appreciated
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  1. Does it work if you put the old CPU heat sink back on?

    Are you re-applying the paste correctly?

    Did you plug everything back in correctly that you unplugged?

    Did you have the power cord plugged in when you were messing around with the internals?
  2. I tried old heat sink. Nothing was powered on when changing parts. I might have applied too much paste though. I plugged in everything correctly.
  3. I meant, was the cord physically connected between the wall and the computer, not did you turn it on with the power button.

    How much paste did you use on it?

    Is it possible you could take a picture of the inside of your computer, host it somewhere, and link it here?
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