CPU-Motherboard combo

Hi everyone,

im about to build a good pc so i need good advices to choose well.

Actually im stuck between a combo of cpu, mobo and ram ( i dont have trouble with this one)

Here are my options :

1. -------------- First Combo
CPU: Intel Core 15-2500K unlocked LGA 1155 CPU 3.3 GHZ
Mobo: Asrock Z77 Pro 3 Motherboard
Ram: No

Combo price: 303 $

2. ----------------
CPU: AMD phenom II X4 960T Black Edition
Mobo: Gigabyte 970A-UD3
Ram: 8GB Kingston HyperX Memory (2 X 4GB) DDR3 1333 MHz

Price: 300 $


CPU: AMD Phenom II 970
Mobo: MSI 970A-G45 Motherboard
Ram: 4gb DDR3 1333Mhz

Price: 302 $

I need the computer for programs like Autocad Civil 3D, Design programs, some games like mmorpg but gaming isn't the priority task..Basically to work with programs for cilvil ingeneering.
Even if all above works well with all i said i need, im looking forward and i want to build a pc that can be there in future exigencies.. Maybe all above are modest cpu and mobo but is all i can afford so i need to buy wisely.

Im not affraid of O.C the cpu as long as i get a good PSU and a cooler ...

**Taking the opportunity some recomendation for these two components if i want to do OC would be nice too :D

P.s : I dont like the Asrock mobo cause doesnt support USB 3.0 :??: and cant change it from the combo..

Thanks for your time and advices
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  1. Z77 Pro 3 has 2 USB 3.0 Ports ports and a USB 3.0 Header which gives it 2 more.
    Grab the first one and 8gb of ram!
  2. Thanks for answer,

    And yes Z77 has 3.0 USB port, my bad..
    Can you tell me why you will choose the first one vs the others two.

    Thanks in advance
  3. Best answer
    The i5-2500k outperforms both of those processors.
  4. amuffin said:
    The i5-2500k outperforms both of those processors.

    Thanks i think i'll go for the I5

    If not a problem could you please tell me wich of these motherboards would perform better with the I5 :

    1. Asrock Z77 por3 or 2. Asus P8Z68-V LX

    Thanks !! :D
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