6850 or 6870?


im buying a new GPU in the nxt couple of days,
im just wondering what GPU is better?
an msi radeon hd 6850 cyclone power edition 1gb - £131.99
or an xfx radeon hd 6870 1gb - £134.99

whats better for performance, overclock and low temps?

thanks for any and all help
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  1. 6870 is better but don't believe on XFX brands they have major issue that is heating and also there is not too much difference between them now 6850 is way to go MSI run cools and perform very closer to 6870.
  2. Lol ok then, well I wasnt to sure.
    because the 6850 is 860mhz and 4400 mhz with 906 cores
    but the 6870 is 900mhz and 4200mhz with 1120 cores
    so I was thinking will the 6870 with more cores not be the better option?

    there also a VFX 6870 for the same price if that makes a difference?
  3. Asus , Gigabyte , Msi , Saphirre they have custom cooling and the best of those two is 6870.
  4. Ok cheers for that,
    wel ive already got a sapphire 5570 but I want a better one lol
    And what is the 6870 like OC?
  5. find another brand of 6870 oc'ing of this card is pretty good.
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