Amd vision engine control center wont open

This has been the most effictive advise with getting my CCC to work, after uninstalling everything using the driver sweeper and all that, :

While UAC is turned off (Vista/7 only) navigate to the "C:\Windows\Assembly" folder and delete any assemblies which have the public token key "90ba9c70f846762e". It is possible that you won't find any, but check it.
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  1. YOU SIR ARE AMAZING, I have been non-stop searching for a way to open my CCC and this is the solution this must be told to many people because you have done wonders for me. Thank you so much. :D
  2. Thank you so much dbrown207. Awhile back I had this problem but nobody had the solution and I googled it again today and this came up.
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