I5 2500k Temperature?

Basically, I just bought a new PC (I built it myself):
i5 2500k (running with stock cooler just for now)
ASUS p8z68v
corsair vengeance 8gb of ram 1600 mhz
gtx 285
ULTRA 650W psu
hyper 212 plus cooler

I ran a test with prime 95 for 20 mins... max temp was around 68/69... idling temp is usually 36/37.. are these normal temps or should i be worried? thx
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  1. Those are good for the stock cooler
  2. akxpckwb said:
    Those are good for the stock cooler

    Really? Wow..

    I'm glad! Assembling the computer was super easy, but I thought I may have done something wrong by accident or just have terrible luck, where something will go wrong.

    But I'm glad everything is good.
  3. I assume your next step will be overclocking that beast of a CPU with the hyper 212 yes?
  4. akxpckwb said:
    Those are good for the stock cooler

    The hell have you been smoking? Nearly 70c at stock voltage and frequency is atrocious.

    Don't worry about your temps with a cooler you're replacing. Put the Hyper 212 on and check the temps then. Who cares if it's overheating now. Won't have any effect on whether or not it's overheating with a different cooler.
  5. how is 70 degrees atrocious? that't normal for the stock cooler, with my stock cooler my 2500k got in the low 70s with prime 95. why is 70 bad if the throttle/shutdown point is high 90s?
  6. JackNaylorPE said:

    I don't see how those temps listed there could possibly be accurate. A max of 48C on the hottest core in Prime? Stock or not, that's damn cool for the stock HSF. I know I never had temps anywhere near that low in Prime at stock with the stock HSF (upper 50's-lower 60's).

    Never mind the fact that the lowest idle temp was lower or just above (depending on the core) the lowest ambient case temp. Damn near impossible with the stock HSF.
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