Best Case for a PC on a Sailboat

Am interested in building a PC for use on a sailboat.

Although there will not be any direct exposure to water, there can be some temperature swings and presence of salt air.

Would like it for music, movies, internet when in port, etc..

Case cannot be big as space in the cabin is a premium. Will be wired to flat screen TV.

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  1. Check these out for starters. There are HTPC sized case here too:
  2. I lived on a boat for 12 years. The salt in the air will wreak havok on the interior components and connections. Id suggest a laptop that is placed inside a plastic bag when not in use. If that dont work for ya suggest covering the case when not in use w/ plastic bag and AC or at least a dehumidifier is strongly recommended.
  3. or just use unsalted air...? :pt1cable:
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