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So at first i was going to make a great desktop. I even planned on all the parts i wanted in it and was just waiting to get the money for it in about 2 to 3 months. I am 15 and im in my robotics club and came to the realization that i need my computer to be portable. So i scrapped the desktop idea and came up with two options

Build a laptop ( Is this possible? )
Buy a laptop that has customizable cpu and gpu

I don't want to buy a pre made laptop and drop all this money on it just to be outdated in a couple years which is why i want it customizable.

Please help, if you have any other ideas please tell me and if not which of the two choices i thought of would be best and what would the best way to execute that idea be?

Thanks a ton
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  1. I appologize, but you really can't build your own laptop. They don't sell barebones laptop parts. You can, however, customize your own from sites such as:
    or Powernotebooks:

    Also, just a note:
    You will NEVER be able to buy any computer that will last a couple of years without being outdated. Even if you spend $5000 on a computer, it'll be outdated in 3 years max.

    Also, you will want a semi-decent laptop GPU, and remember, the laptop GPU does not equal the performance of its non-laptop partners. The gtx580m is NO match with the actual gtx 580. As Andrew said, go with at least the 540M, while I recommend the GTX 560M or the Radeon6870M

    I am 15 and im in my robotics club...

    May I ask what robotics club you're in?
  2. im in falcotech 3193. And for what you guys said im leaning towards a desktop again. Im doing some research but ill post again in 20 minutes to see what i think :bounce:
  3. Im starting a new topic on my desktop build
  4. Nice! I'm from FIRST team 4203. So yeah, The Alienware M17x is a great laptop for around $1500
    For $1400, the ASUS G74Sx Republic of Gamers is also a great system with 12GB of RAM, a 4core Intel CPU, and a gtx560M:
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