Help me choose a gaming computer build for 600$-620$?

Date purchase: within 2 days

Usage: gaming

System usage from most to least important:gaming surf the web

Budget range:600-620$

Country : us

Overclocking : yes for gpu and CPU but no if I need to get cooler for CPU

Crossfire: no

Don't needed: monitor win 7 keyboard mouse speakers

Please help me... I want a really good pc, the best I can get out of 600$-620
I want to run bf3 swtor,tf2 , crisis.... On ultra or high with 60 fps...
I won't get a i5 2500k Becuase that's for oc but if you can do it I'll buy it..
Should I like get a i5 2400 and radeon 6870 or like i3 2100 with radeon 6950?I hope it doesn't bottleneck

Help me choose the best?
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  1. i5-2400/HD 6870 and i3-2100/HD 6950 are both good choices really. I would go for the HD 6950 2GB and the i3 if you plan to play BF3 at 1080P though. BF3 is quite VRAM hungry.
  2. Ok I'll go with the i3 and radeon 6950 but how long will it l.ast me... I don't wanna spend 600 and buy something 6 months later
  3. i3 2120 + radeon 6950 is certainly your best option. Don't worry about a bottleneck. Here's a good deal for a PSU:
    It's more than enough, leaving you some headroom. It's only a 5-$10 difference between this and a 500W unit.
    You should buy a sub $70 motherboard if you're only planning on an i3 2120. You could invest some more money though, if your budget allows it.
    Look for 1333MHz memory since it's generally cheaper. You could for models that support 7-7-7-21 speeds if the price difference is negligible.
    I recall a few great articles on tom's that will lead you in the right direction.
  4. The i3 2100 only has 2 cores but it still beats the Phenom II x4 in gaming.
    You can't predict how long it will last. But you shouldn't have any problem in the near future due to having 2 cores.
    Consoles are really holding back PC games thanks to crappy ports, a GPU upgrade in a couple of years is probably all you'll have to worry about.
  5. Alright.... Would u go with i3? Is it bad Becuase it's dual core?
  6. I would go with the i5 2400 personally just because of what I do, (Photoshop, Lightroom etc.)

    But the i3 is fine, if you were only wanting to run High settings go with the i5 2400+6870 but you want Ultra and in that case the 6950 would be needed. Both are nice, but personal opinion. I find having the i5 now is less of a hassle since you'll already have had 4 cores in case you want to do other things other than gaming.
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