Nvidia GTX 570-SLI enough for nvidia 3d gaming at 1920x1080

Hi guys

1.i wanna know Nvidia GTX 570-SLI enough for nvidia 3d vision gaming at 1920x1080 at 120hz. Right know i have 1920 x 1080 monitor (120hz) with gtx 460 which can handle mosta games at this resolution but at 3d it wont be enough. so is GTX 570-SLI enough for new games like Battlefield 3 and COD : MW3 in 3d vision .?

2. I also wanna know will my CPU be bottleneck for this Setup (gtx 570-sli) at stock no OC.

CPU-i7 950 at stock no OC

memory-2x3gb kingston 1333

GPU-msi cyclone gtx 460 OC

motherboard - intel wx58bp (dont know if this motherboard supports SLI or not?)

PSU-850 W

monitor-Alienware OptX™ AW2310 23" 3D
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  1. It will be fine!
  2. what about 2nd one and motherboard?
  3. anyways thanx for your response :-p
  4. I find two 470's enough for 3D vision, but I do occasionally lower settings. However, in 3D, some effects are kind of pointless. You don't need DoF for example. That effect only tries to give more depth, but 3D already does that for you. I also find AA far less bothersome in 3D.

    Two 570's will be plenty.
  5. thanks for your replay :-)
    what about CPU bottlenecking?
  6. JSKainth said:
    thanks for your replay :-)
    what about CPU bottlenecking?

    There will be no bottleneck with the CPU.
  7. Your motherboard will not support sli so make your video card choice a good one. As a side note, my dual msi gtx 460 1GB, i7 965, 12GB DDR3 2000MHz RAM at 1867MHz runs BF3 on ultra at 55-60 FPS with AA on and two monitors running at 1920x1080. I have to OC both cards to 850MHz to get this FPS. Stock speed of 725MHz only gives me 45-50 FPs on ultra. I have not tried Nvidia 3d vision so I cannot comment on that. Any hardware comparisons I have read and there are a lot of them on Tom's Hardware as well as many other sites put dual gtx 460 1GB slightly ahead of a single gtx 580. Here is one example. http://forums.anandtech.com/showthread.php?t=2118943

    Two 570's would be plenty but you need a new motherboard to run those. Not sure what your budget is but a single gtx 570 is going for anywhere from 450 to 600 on ebay. With a new motherboard, this is gonna cost you a few bucks!

    If you want to do this cheaply spend 150ish on an sli ready motherboard and another 150ish on another gtx 460 and you will outperform a single gtx 570 and you get a new motherboard out of the deal.

    Almost forgot, for simple gaming like BF3 my i7 965 typically only runs on 2 of the cores at no more than 75% use which still leaves 2 cores and 4 threads. Since mine is essentially the same as yours with an unlocked multiplier and a faster qpi speed I doubt you will run into any bottlenecking from your cpu. My RAM usage does peek at 5.4GB while playing BF3, if you are wondering.
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