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I'm about to fit a GTX560ti in my rig.
It has two 6-pin inputs for the PSU to power it.

My PSU is a BeQuiet E9-CM-680W which is modular. The unit has two outputs for graphics cards: PCIe 1 and PCIe 2.
Each cable which runs from these ports has two 6(+2) pin connectors on the other end to power the GPU.

So if i was running SLI, i guess i would have one GPU powered by PCIe 1 and the second GPU powered by PCIe 2.

However, since i only have one card, is it better to run both the 6-pin inputs from PCI-e 1, or would it be better to to use PCI-2 for the second 6-pin input? (ie have both PCIe1 and PCIe2 going into one card)

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  1. Dont mess with it. Just plug in the 2 power plugs from PCIe1 and be done with it. One less cable to mess with, and it is made to run that way. Besides, I believe your PSU is a single rail setup, so it wouldnt make a difference anyways.
  2. Thanks for the reply! My PSU is Quad rail though! You think it matters much?
  3. For the one card do what CaedenV said. When you deside to add another card they make special cables for you to use. Good luck.
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