Built computer wont start

I finished building the computer within 3 hours and start it up but it wont boot when i turned it on the power led keeps blinking and it wont boot i tested a diffrent psu on the comp but it did the same thing i replaced the cpu same thing i typed the stock cpu same thing tryed the computer with 1 stick of ram same thing also i dont have case speakers so i cant hear whats wrong but my monitor has built in speakers but i still cant hear sounds cause it wont work also on my motherboard the leds are on but my motherboard has cpu phase leds and it only has 2leds on out of 10 could this be it or i was also thinking it might be bent cpu pins could this be it any help would be greatly appreciated i will list my pc specs
Motherboard MSI Intel z68a-gd80 (b3) lga 1155
CPU Intel core i5-2500k 3.3ghz lga 1155
RAM Corsair Vengence 16gb 240 pin ddr3 1600mhz

PSU Corsair HX750w
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