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Hello, i have an old Phenom 9500 quad-core 2.2GHz CPU. I m wondering what is the common possible overclock on this CPU? Can i hit 2.6-2.9 GHz with adequate cooling?
I m currently upgrading my old PC (HD 3650/Phenom 9500 Quad) part by part since i don't have enough money to get everything at once. I have bought a new PSU yesterday, it is seasonic 430W. Next thing i wanted to upgrade is mobo and CPU , then a GPU (probably a HD 6670 GDD3). If i switch to intel i will get a cheap h61 mobo with celeron g530 CPU. But if i stick with AMD i will probably just get an am3+ mobo (is my CPU compatable with that socket? I hear AM3 is backward compatable, so is am3+ too?) and OC this CPU as much as i can until FX price drops low enough or some lower end Piledriver models come out in future.I will use this PC mostly for gaming on 1024x768 resolution.
Also about the piledriver, will it be compatable with any AM3+ mobo?
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  1. I have seen 2.6GHz-3.2GHz with some really good air cooling but you have the original stepping that doesn't have the TLB fix ("9500" instead of "9550") so your CPU usually gets max 2.6GHz with decent cooling.
  2. Will that be sufficient enough for Skyrim with HD 6670 @ 1024x768 resolution?
  3. I wouldn't go with a 6670, go with a 7750. Its about 2x better for only a bit more. You generally want avoid buying anything bellow a x7xx cards from AMD since they have horrible performance to cost value. The card also overclocks really well if you'd be interested in that. The card will be able to play skyrim at 1920x1080. If you overclock the cpu you'll be able to play skyrim, though it'll barely be at the recommended settings. Also remember to get the latest patches for the game since they bring large performance gains.
  4. I would also avoid wasting money on the celeron, just save up for the upcoming next gen amd fx processors or an i3/i5 from intel. The celeron is good for what you pay but your not going to be blown away by it when you compare your current processor.
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