Someone Help... 8800m GTX Alieware Area51 M15x

I have probably a stupid question, Would it be possible to fit an Asus G50v 9800m Gt card inside of an Alienware M15x?
Also, what would you recommend in this Situation.
The Hinges on my M15x Broke, got them repaired, Used laptop for 1 day and it completely shuts down, i also noticed my graphics went from 8800m gtx to Chipset grahpics..... Returned laptop, They NOW inform me that my graphics card was "Broken" and they had to get rid of it.... BUT! it was ok cuz i had onboard graphics >.>, Now they won't buy a new card, they want me to buy it, and they will install it for free.... I'm now trying to find a cheap way to fix this situation. because 8800m gtx cards for Aliware are like 300 dollars.....
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  1. Alienware... expensive hardware... suck customer service...
    Even with RMA they suck.
    After this fix done do not deal with Alienware ppl. they mean ass bxtch... not worse then a Time warner ppl. lol
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