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I'm new on the site, but i have decent knowledge in computers. I got a Sapphire 6850 yesterday. After, the installation part my PC started to act a bit weird. It started to hang & had slowed down a lot. I tried to play BF3, but every 10-15 mins I got a black screen & then the game would resume after 2-3 mins. As last resort I did a clean installation of my OS.

After, the installation it worked as a charm. No problem at all. I played BF3 for 3-4 hrs without a single problem. At that time my GPU was @ 65-75 degrees(cel) at max load. I got bored & put my pc on sleep. Then again the SAME FUKN THING. Now it dosent even boot up. After the windows loading screen it automatically reboots. Don't know what to do. I will be trying to remove my card & check it out again. Lets see how it works out..

My config..,
AMD Phenom II 955 BE
4gb DDR3 @ 1333
500GM HDD & 2 TB HDD
Sapphire HD 6850
My box is of NZXT & there aren't cooling issues.

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  1. What PSU are you using. Things that seem really random and problems with sleep mode often point to a failing PSU.
  2. Its a Tagaan 600WT psu. I was using a HD 4850 on this PSU some 2 years back. No problem at all. Also, its only a few years onld & still under warranty :p
  3. PSU components deteriorate over time through usage. If something worked 2 years ago it may not work now.

    Do you have a low end video card laying around your house or can you borrow one from somewhere?

    If you could put in a weak video card and have everything work perfectly, that would be a clear indicator that the PSU is struggling to put out the wattage the system needs with the more powerful card inserted.
  4. I guess I got the problem behind.
    I recently changed my bedroom, so shifted my pc to another room. Today while I plugged the card out I kinda got mild shocks from the dvi cable(end part). There's definately a problem with the earthing. Do you think this might have caused the problem?? I've called the engineer to fix the wiring & everything related. Sadly I don't have any card.
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    Anything is a possibility at this point. If there was indeed a problem that voltage was flowing through the computer in an unintended way then that could have a lot to do with how the PC operates.

    I guess you can wait till the engineer comes by to fix it and see if it works after that.

    If there was some kind of problem related to that, though, the damage could be permanent very easily.

    You may have to buy a new PSU whether you like it or not.

    Are you sure you can't borrow either a PSU or a video card from anyone/anywhere? No relatives or friends or anything?
  6. Borrowing won't be easy. Stealing would be :p
    Hope for the best.

    You been really helpful man. Thanks a lot :)
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