Ultra100 IDE HDDs - 5400 or 7200?? and will it matter?

Was wondering if anyone has compared the speed and performance of 5400/100 and 7200/100 HDDs?
My question is this:
doesnt it stand to reason that if the transfer modes are the same, access and performance would be comparable, if not equivalent??
im curious why hard disk manufacturers would start making large ultra100 HDDs at slower spin rates these days than they have been making them for the past couple years-
Does it really not make a difference if you use 7200 these days?
I mean, if 5400/100 disks can perform as well as 7200/100s, doesnt it make sense to get the 'quieter, cooler' hard drive? (assuming, less RPMs = less noise and less friction, and therefore less heat, and hopefully a longer lifespan).
any and all info/input/comments are greatly appreciated
I'm considering building an IDE array (RAID1, or possibly 0+1) and thought i might fish out a decision influencing reply or two from fellow readers.
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  1. 7200RPM drives are theoretically 33% faster than 5400RPM ones. The faster spinning drive contributes to faster access to data.

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  2. If you do some research through this thread you will see that we already covered everything you are asking!

    As someone said: "SEARCH FIRST, THEN POST!"

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