Please help me!! this is a serious problem!!

okay, i have an asus EEE laptop/netbook, i don't know which but it's prolly netbook. my problem is that it has performed flawlessly for over a year, but in the last month ive been getting viruses like avg was turned off. i know 100% for sure i killed the last one, i did a system restore, and then downloaded malwarebytes and spybot s&d along with my avg. then it all went to hell when i was downloading the update to avg 2011. the update stopped at around 70-80% and my wireless internet went kapoot. it says im connected with excellent connectivity, but it doesn't work. i tried to disable the connection to reconnect and fix it, but it said "disabling the wireless network adapter" for the past 3 days and is obviously not getting anywhere. i cant even close the window and stop it. i'm not sure anymore just how virus-free i am. i need a couple things here:

some free and very, very, very potent anti-virus. at this point im considering just copying my important files to a fd and wiping the whole damn computer. i need to kill whatever bug is messing with my laptop

some way to restore my computer to a usable state. system restore isn't working. avg scans come up empty then i have a virus when i haven't touched the thing since the scan. for some reason, my computer is getting every virus that should be getting blocked before it causes damage.

how to possibly reconnect and fix my networking problem without dumping everything. ideally i want to fix my internet connection and download SOMETHING that can protect me again and kill whats already in my system. if i can't fix this, i'll resort to plan B and wipe all but my necessary files.

i'm really fond of my laptop. it has done it's job really well so far, and it has become the most important pc i have. i really don't want to have to wipe the thing clean.
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  1. Run through the malware guide in my signature.
  2. here i am a few months later wondering just how i d have been so dumb...

    no virus, just codecs that caused it to crash.
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