Changing Primary Harddisk, two raid1 backup data drives affected?

Hello All Raid Experts,

I'm currently running a primary disk for my system drive on windows 7, with two other 1tb drives for saving data set to raid1(Mirror each other ). However my primary disk has problems and need to be upgraded.
Would I need to reformat the two mirror data drives before i do the upgrade in order to ensure the raid 1 is working? And also would my data in the two drives be wiped out when i upgrade the drive?

Thanks alot.
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  1. Is you primary HDD part of the RAID? If not, changing it will have no impact on the RAID. If part of the RAID, you do have an issue. Please clarify.
  2. Sorry for being vague. No the primary drive is not Raid, however when I try to insert the two data raid drives back in, the computer could find them but windows 7 did not read them at all. Did I break the mirrors? If so what should I do to get them working like clock work again.
    Thank you very much!
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