Switching of inadequate OS of new laptop with that of old laptop.

I have an HP business notebook that I cannot use anymore as it is facing some issues that are proving to be uneconomical to repair and restore, and it runs on Windows 7 professional 64 bit,I also have a Sony Vaio which runs on windows 7 Home basic 64bit. Since the home basic is inadequate for my use, I was wondering if I could replace my Homebasic 64 bit of Sony with that of HP Win7 professional 64bit? Please guide me on a suitable way to change my OS.
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  1. you can't just 'change' your OS... You can't take the Hard Drive out of the HP and put it in the Sony and have it magically work. You would need to upgrade or do a fresh install of Win 7 Pro on the Sony.
  2. The HP OEM license will not work on the Sony platform. Time for you to purchase an upgrade for the Sony.
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