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Worth it to upgrade?

Hello guys i have a quick question, i have 2 radeon hd 4850's running in crossfire, I am wondering if i should shed out $170 for a radeon 6870. Will there be much increase in performance? IF not, what would be a good increase in performance vs price? My specs are

and this is the new GPU i would get to replace my 2 i currently have
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  1. There will be a great performance boost.
    I know the 4k series well as I'm still rockin 2x 4650's. The shader system leaves something to be desired. And DX 11 is not truly supported.
    So if you are running games that use shades heavily you will notice a big difference.

    please see this thread first
  3. I don't think that you will increase your performance very much by replacing two cards with one card. If you visit this web page;,3067-7.html

    You will see that a 6870 is ranked higher than a 4850 , which you would expect it to be but the 4850x2 is ranked higher than the 6870 so that tells me that the two 4850's you have in crossfire would be better than the one 6870 you want to buy.
  4. Thanks for the replies, if the boost in performance isn't worth $170. Is my GPU a strong point of my system? If so, what would you upgrade? My psu is 750 watt.

    I got my computer 3 years ago and these cards have never seem to really be that impressive to me. But it could be because i use a 24 inch monitor, also does crossfire work all the time? Or only during certain times? If 6870 isn't a increase boost, could my CPU handle any better then 6870 that can also be better than the 2 radeon 4850's in crossfire?
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    Crossfire works in full screen only.
    So if ur in windowed mode, only the master card is being used.
    Your psu is fine.
    Others may say 2x4850's is better than one 6870. But I mention the shader issue before. And there's DX11.

    If ur looking at buying a 6870, why not buy the card and see if it fits your needs? If it doesn't, refund! lol j/k =D
  6. In terms of performance and price your crossfire is pair to pair to the HD 5870, HD 6950, GTX 470, and GTX 560 Ti.

    However, as pointed out by memadmax, a HD 6870 with DX11 (Shader Model 5.0, DirectCompute 11, Programmable hardware tessellation unit, Accelerated multi-threading, HDR texture compression, and Order-independent transparency) will make a difference in visual quality.

    On the other hand, by looking at your rig, I´d say you have plenty of room to upgrade in ram and cpu.

    For US$ 170, get yourself a phenom II and 8GB ram
  7. thanks for the replies, If u are wondering why i keep mentioning the GPU it's cause i bought it in the heat of the moment + i am dumbfounded that i never really acknowledged i had 2 radeon 4850's in crossfire until 2 days ago (right after i purchased the 6870) I just thought that since i assumed i had only 1 GPU > it was running loud + hot 81-83C on start up (idle) > 3 years old > time for a upgrade! But as the looks of it i guess im wrong as to what to buy to optimize performance vs price. I guess u can say i posted this thread to help justify my purchase. Anyways i can always return the GPU and get refund and upgrade my CPU + RAM. What am i looking at specifically to compare my CPU to other CPU's im looking to buy and same with the RAM, my mobo says it can handle ddr2 up to 1060, with 4 slots, so is that the best ram to buy for my mobo? Also is a GPU hardware install easier than CPU + RAM? I ask this cause i can either attempt it myself or shed out 35$ per hardware install at some local computer guy (cheapest i have found so far near me in Buffalo, NY)
  8. Mind that your crossfire is disabled in the bios. If you want to see how it works you must enter the bios and enable it.
  9. Crossfire is working, i just checked it while playing a game
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