VPU Recover error ATI Radeon HD 5xxx

I am constantly getting VPU recover errors with my ATI Graphics card. It’s a Radeon HD 5xxx If you guys need the whole thing I’ll get it in a bit.

When I first got the card, I had no problems at all playing any game without interruption. After like a year or a bit less, I got a VPU recover error while playing a game once every. Me not knowing what it was and it not really interrupting me too much I ignored it. Now a day it became nearly nonstop just starting the game I would get the error and even in games I could run with my old piece of junk graphics card (which couldn't even run Team Fortress 2 on lowest settings). It got so bad I just removed it and went back to the old games I used to play that don't need a good graphics card. I have googled this problem and tried the fixes, but nothing worked at all. I am not too tech savvy and have no idea how to check what is wrong with it exactly, but I assume maybe the fan broke and it is overheating a lot, and if this is the case, do you guys know if there’s a way I can send it back to ATI and get a new one (IDK if I have a warranty)
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  1. is the fan broke? is it spinning? you can start your computer with the side panel off, look to see if it works.
    if not return it.
    if it does work, you can set the video card drivers to make it spin faster so that it wont overheat. its in the same place as the overclocking.
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