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Should I get a single GTX 570, GTX 580, or should I crossfire 570's?

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December 6, 2011 12:35:02 AM

Hello! I've been a long time lurker on this forum, but never actually posted, so please tell me if I'm doing something wrong!
This is my first actual build, but I have upgraded before.
So, heres my question. With my setup, would it be okay to get a single 570, or should I save up a little more, and get a 580 or SLI 570's?
(EDIT) Or should I go with an AMD GPU? I haven't researched them that much, so any info would help!

Heres my setup:
Mobo: ASUS P8Z68-V Pro
Processor: Intel i7 2600k
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master 612 PWM
GPU: ?
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB
Hard Drive/SSD: Seagate Barracuda 1Tb/OCZ Agility 3
Optical Drive: Samsung Blu-Ray Drive
Power Supply: Corsair TX850M (I got a decent size just incase I did want to do SLI)
Case: Fractal Design Define XL
Monitor: SAMSUNG P2770FH 27" Monitor

I don't game a WHOLE lot right now, but I hope to do a little after this computer is built. But, I don't really know what games...
I'm also a fairly heavy media user. (Movies (Blu-Rays), and music)
Thank you!

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a c 307 U Graphics card
December 6, 2011 12:49:21 AM

Everybody is going to have their own opinion, so here's mine. If cost isn't the over-riding factor, I would go with the GTX 580. At 1080p resolution, you can play any game at max settings. Plus, there's always the option of adding a second one when prices come down... either new or used. The 850W PSU should be big enough, but check a PSU calc for some assurance.
To be honest, none of those choices you presented is going to cripple your gaming at 1920x1080.
December 6, 2011 12:55:07 AM

Okay, thank you! Thats what I will most likely end up going with!
December 6, 2011 12:55:20 AM

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