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Formating a partition that held Windows 7


I re-installed Windows 7 on a fresh partition this morning after I started experiencing some glitches. Got the new partition up and running with a fresh version of Win 7, but now I'm unable to delete / format the previous partition it was on. When I select format drive, after warning me all files will be lost, it says Windows is unable to complete the format. If I try and manually delete all the files, it tells me I need permission from "Trusted Installer" to make changes to certain folders.

I'd appreciate any help on this that someone could offer, just looking to wipe the old partition clean.
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  1. I have ran into this problem myself, i just wipe the whole drive and make new partitions, which isnt that bad of a idea to begin with.
  2. You might try going into disk management and see if you can delete the partition rather than format it. If successful, you can simply create a new partition and format that.
  3. To do all the above, you need to slave it onto another computer.
  4. Why would he need to slave it to another computer to use a tool he has on the os right now? Ive used disk management plenty of times and wiped partitions that were on the same hd as the os with no problems.
  5. Even though I installed a new copy of Windows on my F drive, Disk Management still says that my old C drive is System, Primary Partition, and my F drive is only listed as a boot drive. Disk Management still won't let me wipe my C drive either. Is there any way around this other than wiping my entire hard drive?
  6. fdisk is a wonderful tool.
  7. C drive is still listed as my primary system partition, and my F drive is listed as a logical boot partition - it won't let me format either drive, it says it's unable to format a system or boot drive.... I guess I should have just wiped the whole thing, I've done that before and never had any problems.
  8. Use fdisk or something and remove all partitions, then reinstall.
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    Agreed. Just do a reinstall of Windows and delete all the partitions during that step and start over. During that step of the install, you should be able to select the partitions with your mouse and hit the big red X. Make sure all are gone before proceeding.

    Personally, I always use a Gparted bootable CD to format and partition my drives.
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