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Looking to upgrade vidcard

hey guys, I'm finally in the market to upgrade my video card (and sound card)

I want a Nvidia product. I'm looking for a nice ballzy card that will stand alone (no sli) for a few good years.

my PC specs are in my profile.

right now i got a BFG Geforce 250GTS

I like the Geforce and i also want to stay with Nvidia products cards.

my budget max is 200 dollars.

any suggestions?

thanks in advance,
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  2. I think either way his PSU will handle it, since he has a GTS250 right now.

    If you want a Nvidia card that will stand alone in its class in terms of bang for the buck performance at $200, look no further than a GTX560. don't get the 550, it actually quite honestly, really sucks.

    This one even comes with a free game.
  3. i cant remember the brand of my PSU off the top of my head but its set up to handle SLI for gaming and its a 7 or 8 hundred watt. i know it can handle preddy much anything on the market at the present point of time.
  4. Better yet, you might want to give us the model number. Just to make sure, because the 560 SC is a hefty card.
  5. So i picked up a EVGA superclocked geforce 560.... mmmm mmm mmm. battle field 3 with maxed out graphics and direct x 11. the characters now have facial expressions when they talk. and my PSU has no problem running it. thanks for the suggestions guys
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