Which one should I go for ?

Guys am in confusion. Need your help. Which one should I go for -

Option 1

Processor - Intel Corei3 2100
Mobo - Gigabyte G61
Gpu - Gigabyte GT 240 512 mb ddr 5
Ram - 4 GB ddr 3

Option 2

Processor - Intel Pentium G620
Mobo - Gigabyte G61
Gpu - Sapphire 5770 1 gb ddr 5
Ram - 4 GB ddr 3

My monitor resolution is 1366*768.

My upgrade's main purpose is gaming. Also am going to use it for watching movie, browsing net, listening music etc usual stuffs.

I myself is considering for option 2. Am saying this because Core i3 is double priced (11k) form Pentium g620 (5.5k). Pentium G620 is like E8400 which isn't a bad processor. Plus Core i3 2100 isn't a real quad core. Just see this link -http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/406?vs=289. TBH there isn't sky high difference in gaming except Facry 2 & Starcraft. But still am in a confusion whether to go for Pentium G620 or not. Because Core i3 2100 is also not bad.

Am a kind of gamer who doesn't want to play games in highest detail rather in high detail. I usually play most games in this kind of detail -

All option high (some settings may set in medium like shadow & texture etc.)
Anti analising - 2x/4x
Resolution - 1366*768

So what do you guys say ? Which one should I go for ?

Please help & thanks in advance :) .
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  1. BTW right now am going to also play some older games also like Doom 3, Fear series, Fall out, Deux ex (old & new one), Dead Island & so on.

    If I go for option 1 upgrading in gpu may take about .6 to 1 year to 1.6 year.

    If I go for option 2 upgrading in processor may take about 1 to 1.6 year to 2 year.
  2. In this case; take the better GPU. A 5770 is significantly better than a GT240.
  3. I have gone for option 1. Got Core I3 2100 in lower price so gone for it. Pc is running very well. Will upgrade the gpu later. @liltimz thanks for your opinion. :).
  4. Yea I would have to go with the better video card. At least you still have the option of upgrading the processor in the future if you go with Intel® Pentium® G620.
  5. where do u live?? i3 2100 is about 6.5k and g620 is 3.3k. .ur prices r so high!!
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