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It is horror - how to tune new CRT monitor, help!

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
April 15, 2003 2:25:44 PM

New CRT is tuned to be setup incorrectly:
The brightness and contrast - due to new big capabilities is
more than at normal level, and to tune them correctly is hard:
Bright linearity is made pure linear - 100% and 50% of color digits means 100% and 50% of brightness, gamma=1.0 -but right monitor must be tuned to 100% and 70% .
This is incorrect gamma.

On old monitors -for right picture- gamma must be 2.5,
as written on professional articles.

On new I made 1.4 but there is not sure that it right point-not generated from dependency of incorrectly tuned other parameters.

By one parameter you can tune more well, but second -
not corresponding to eye limits, but not good detectable -will destroy your eye.

Old monitors not makes eye ill even if color temperature is 9300, new works with real physical pain with such temperature.

Eye can be tuned by contrast at middle of brightness proportionality graph, but in linear case all over horizontal line of eye possibility will be just pure painful.

It really possible to destroy eye.

By science sure can be tuned system with ONE parameter,
for two we can not find on plate a point.
For three parameters in 3D configuration space we surely cannot find a right point.

There is good advices for find a good algorithm how to find correct point.
For example - a pictures permitting, to tune separate
just one parameter.
And then else’s.

Please help with advices.
Thanks you.
April 15, 2003 4:16:44 PM

Does this new monitor have On-screen Menus? Use them for your primary setup tools... brightness, contrast, sizing, centering, etc.

Then, set your monitor to "Plug and Play Monitor" and let it report it's capabilities to windows at startup. On most new monitors you can simply turn off the colour and gama controls in you desktop display settings.

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April 16, 2003 7:35:13 AM

It's a simplest advice,
not correspondidng to my question, sorry.

We have all possible regulators for normal CRT available,
but problem is - how to correctly find a right point,
when it is possble to run along a sircle far around from that right tuning point - on graph of all positions of regulators?

Does my question is important?
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