How to make recovey media on ASUS windows 8 preloaded systems

How to make recovey media on ASUS windows 8 preloaded systems
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  1. Read the manual...
  2. Brett928S2 said:
    Read the manual...

    How smart... You must be a rocket engineer! If you don't know the answer, don't bother to answer anything!

    May you show it to us from a manual? My laptop is Asus U500VZ (windows 8 64bit). I don't find the answer and Asus doesn't provide any recovery tools to create any recovery media. Unfortunately MS neither.

    You can do System repaire disk on windows (win-button + f and then write "recovery", choose setting -> "windows 7 file recovery) -> Create a system repair disk) Unfortunately this is not the same as creating factory default disks. Unfortunately "Create a system image" works or not. Tons of messages that it wont work and you get an error, i got it too. You can create image with a free software (macrium), but still... missing the disks "recovery media". Atleast you have an image of your disk.

    Sorry, i have no answer, been looking it for months myself too... "Read the manual.." is one of the most stupid comment i have seen for a while...
  3. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    Does it really make a usb memory stick that contains an option to install win8 from a usb stick? (For example if the drive is broken. Also there is no product key sticker for OS anywhere on laptop.)

    If you read the article, there are two different issue they are talking about: making a recovery drive and making a system repair disk, but they are talking about those issue like doing the same thing. If you make a recovery drive, it ask you to insert 16gb USB mem-stick to make the media. BUT if you choose Create system repair disk, the size is only couple hundred mb's on one dvd and the dvd only let you to boot the system and gives some tools to fix your system... The dvd is not very useful if you drive is broken for example, you don't have any media to install OS - neither the product key.

    So what about the 16gb USB mem stick then? What does it contain? Does it contain the OS? For example only the hidden recovery partitio is about 20GB - do the usb mem stick cannot be that either... So, f*cking confusing!!

    It would be much easier if the manufacturer, Asus, will still make the software for create a factory default disks!
  4. Brett928S2 said:
    Read the manual...

    With all doe respect, I did read the manual from start to finish, everything…they mention this option in advanced settings during POST (page 88 "Using System Image Recovery") but they don't explain how to create a recovery DVDs. In case my system crashes completely so no repair - start from scratch, I need to have a system image on external device (preferably DVDs)
    It seems you are a pro and I would really appreciate your help as I am just starting with Asus and Windows 8 and this one I really can't figure out.

    Thank you in advance.
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