Sapphire Radeon Hd 4850 problems

I have a problem with my Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 graphic card. It will not load windows vista 32 bit version completely. It stops. I can see the wallpaper, use the mouse, and right click mouse to rearrange icons; however, i cannot see the icons. .

I have tried another graphic card, geforce 9600GSO. The 9600 works. Everything loads. However, it under performs on games.

I would like to save my 4850, if possible. Please help.

my system
core 2 quad 9400 2.66ghz
windows vista 32 bit
8gb of ddr2 memory
1000w rosewell PSU - less than a month old
It is hooked up to a 47 in Vizio LED LCD tv 1080p
using a dvi to hdmi converter
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  1. Solved:
    Over a year ago, my system was Vista 32bit; however, I tried to upgrade to windows 7 using windows 7 upgrade package. Unfortunately, the upgrade was not successful. I needed the full version of Windows 7. Fustrated and irrated, I removed windows 7 64x.

    Approximately a year after the fail install, my 4850 stopped working, see above for the problem. Also, my psu began making a weird noise. So, I purchased the 1000w rosewell psu, see above, because I thought the psu was going/went bad.

    Last night, I installed windows 7 64x using the full version. My graphics card now works, as well as, my termaltake psu. A faulty install and a complete removal of windows 7, apparently, made my graphics card and psu stop working.
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