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Hello all. I'm very new here and would like to get suggestions for my new system. It's probably going to be a bare bones system for the most part which is fine as I plan on updating some things as time and money allows. I'm pretty open about most of the system since I've been out of the loop for a VERY long time so I realize I can't make any knowledgeable choices on my own at the moment. The only thing I am pretty set in stone about is I want it to have the intel i5 2500k processor in it. Other than that I'm pretty open. I am looking for reliability, semi future proofing, and a good bag for buck ratio. The only reason I can afford a new system at all is due to my small but happily received income tax refund. The budget is around $470-580ish.(if rebates are involved maybe a little more) I do have two old hard drives I could use if that helps with the budget but I don't know if that would be the wisest thing to do as they are 5400rpm and I suppose they could slow the system down? Anyway main use for this system will be gaming and video conversion, with some average use as well.(web surfing and playing/burning dvds) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please list everything I would need as I have no Thanks.
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  1. Do you live near a microcenter.
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    i5 2500k $180
    Asrock Extreme3 Gen3 $122
    Lg 22x $18
    Kingston HyperX 8GB 1333 1,5V $30
    Antec ECO 620w $70
    Sapphire 6850 $135
    Cooler Master Elite 430 $38

    Total: $593
  3. Ok thinks for the suggestions somekidxd. What do you think of this case?
    Also my best friend talked me into raising my budget a bit.(i was trying to hold on to a little of my tax refund just in So if there is something you feel could be upgraded for a little bit extra then please let me know. I had an extra $110 I could add to the budget if needed I would just want the upgraded hardware to be more then minimally better or why bother right.
  4. I actually looked at that system yesterday. I loved the price but what really turned me off of it was that as I understand the whole barebones kit thing you can't make substitutions or upgrades to the kit.(i may be wrong but I thought that was part of the deal) I would definitely have to swap out that mobo as the reviews on it were horrible. Go to newegg and check some of them out. I had some other things that I really didn't like as far as hardware in the kit but I could have lived with it if it weren't for the case and the mobo. I know I could always swap those out but by the time I did that I may as well have just put a system together and save myself the trouble. At least that's how it seems. Thanks for the link though I really do appreciate it.
  5. Well its a buy you do now and replace parts as you want it lets you have a pc to use while you get a new psu and motherboard.
  6. Just curious. Which one of these mobo's do you guys think will compliment the i5 2500k I'm getting better? Which seems to be the better board as far as performance and reliability?
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