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Sandy bridge versus ivy bridge

How does Sandy Bridge i7 compare to the new Ivy Bridge i7? Spec comparision would be most useful.

Is it worth waiting for the Ivy Bridge to come down in price?
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    This is the closest comparison that Anandtech has, but it's a pretty close comparison, and the basically equal Ivy i7 3770K beats the Sandy i7 2600K here.

    Whether or not it's worth it to wait is up to you, but I doubt prices will fall too much.
  2. Ivy won't come down in price. It beats sandy but only by a minuscule amount; so little that it makes no difference. Sandy or ivy i7 are awesome but only worth it if you are into apps like video editing, 3d modelling or simulation. If its just games you're after then get an i5
  3. Ivy bridge because its newer better and u can give it to mom later with no gpu.
    I5 def. Ivy bridge is a no brainier pci 3.0 etc
  4. No. Just no.^

    First of all, there is barely any difference between the i7-2600k and 3770k. Roughly 3-5% on average of performance difference in all applications.

    The HD 3000 is perfectly fine for a common user.

    PCIE 3.0 does nothing for current cards.
  5. Muffin better is better and newer is new ivy bridge is both so wtf ?
  6. go get ivy bridge obviously ivy bridge is better then sandy bridge its newer, but the price will always drop.
  7. Yet iB runs hotter and costs more than sb.
  8. ok i think for the 20 dollar diff in processor ivy bridge was a better deal. my temps are fine at 4.2 but hey whatever works
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