Battlefield 3 in 1920x1080 with my specs..

~AMD HD Radeon 6970
~1TB 7200 RPM 6.0GB
~8GB Corsair Memory
~P8Z68-V PRO Mobo
~1920x1080 monitor

I need to ask for the ones who has almost the same specs as mine..

Hows the gameplay in 1920x1080 in ultra mode..? i saw some videos on youtube that it shows you can play BF3 w/ ultra settings with a single 6970 card in 1920x1080 w/ no OCing.


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  1. Yup will play at Ultra no problem :)
  2. monsta said:
    Yup will play at Ultra no problem :)

    I see was wondering on how many FPS you get while playing BF3 in all ultra settings, AA etc in 1920x1080?

    + do you experience lag or something? or its all smooth? D:

    When playing Online Multiplayer does FPS affected by it?
  3. You will get about 45 fps with that on ultra but if you enable AA then youll prolly drop down to about 35-40 fps. With 2 470 gtxs i get about 80-90 fps on ultra.
  4. Yeah roughly about 45 and it should be smooth.

    You will notice a drop in FPS in multiplayer depending on the map and how many players , but you should be fine.

    With driver updates it should just keep getting better.
  5. Does 35-40 fps laggy or still smooth?

    How many fps does it lead to lagness?
  6. Generally speaking as long as you stay above 30 FPS you will get a fairly smooth experience. Once you get below 30 FPS things start to get choppy. 60 FPS is ideal, but anything 30 and above is certainly playable.
  7. At 1920x1080 in ultra mode, with a single HD Radeon 6970 you´d get around 40 FPS. For a more enjoyable game experience with your card I´d recommed you to disable MSAA.

    For your reference have a look at "Battlefield 3 Performance: 30+ Graphics Cards, Benchmarked",3063.html
  8. In very laggy situations you will barely reach 30fps (I mean really really laggy), And in normal situations it will have 40-50fps. Sometimes it would even reach more than 65fps but that I think this is the Maximum. It is really playable.
  9. I have an 6950 2gb video card, I play BF3 with automatic setings , and with automatic sime settings are on ultra and some on high. I play on a 1920x1080 with max resolution and here are my results registered with fraps :
    Frames, Time (ms), Min, Max, Avg
    1163, 17036, 51, 94, 68.267
    My card is not moded in 6970.
  10. You will only get choppy gameplay if your FPS drops real low, even at 30 the game can play smoothly. The 6970 is a great card, but if you are really concerned about performance and you want something more , save up some cash and get 2 x 6950 and crossfire them if your mobo and psu support it or get a 6970 now and crossfire with another later.
  11. But with AA and MSAA off no lag? ^^ what fps would i get if i off those in campaign and multiplayer?

    I'm planning on getting another 6970 in near future work

    but right now i got 1 only ^^
  12. Is your i7-2600k OCed?
  13. With AA and MSAA off it will give you even smoother game play as you have reduced the strain on the card.
    Give it go , BF3 is a great game and is a lot of fun , you wont be dissapointed using a 6970.
    Crossfiring later will push your performance even further.
  14. I don't OC meh scared D:
  15. You won't need to
  16. I see ^^

    Then i will look forward on it on Dec.9 i'll be rocking with BF3 <3
  17. Good man , you will be addicted ;)
  18. Yeah i know .... i've been waiting for it like a month now xD

    and on Dec.9 my new comp will be here XD ^^

    Anyway does turning off AA FXAA make any difference?^^
  19. Yes it does , best thing to do is to play around with the AA and AO settings and see where you are happy with both the quality of the image and the performance. I don't see you having any problems at all with your set up.
  20. AA, FXAA, 4xMSAA, FXAA + 4xMSAA

    When you enable this stuff? btw what does all of those mean? i only know Anti-Aliasing only

    What are the differences ?

    There will be a huge difference? on the graphics?
  21. Oh and how many FPS would be added if i slightly overclock my 6970 about

    from 880/1375 to 900/1400 something like that ^^
  22. I play BF3 on my ancient radeon hd 4830 and have more fun than any shooter I've played in a long time. All settings on low (LOL) and it still blows me away how good looking this game is. Frames Per Minute is probably a better unit of measurement on my PC though, haha.
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