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hi im wondering if rocketfish is a good psu brand theres the link 2 the website i found it on
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  1. good? no. i recall CWT made a 550w or 600w PSU for bestbuy/rocketfish that was decent but I'm pretty sure the 900w is a huntkey made unit. are you looking to spend $50 on a PSU or do you need one that can provide 900w? if it's the latter, what are your specs?
  2. my spec are amd phemon IIx 4 840
    mobo asrock n68-s3
    gpu gtx 560
    4gbs of ddr3 ram
  3. and i want 2 spend about 100 - 150 bucks on a good psu
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    if you can spend $70 out the door, you won't find a better PSU for the price then is 520w seasonic

    if $50 is the limit to your out the door budget then get this corsair

    there are other PSU like the OCZ ZS 550w that will be under $50 after MIR but are still over $50 out the door (actual price until rebate check is mailed weeks later)
  5. skitz9417 said:
    and i want 2 spend about 100 - 150 bucks on a good psu

    like i said above the seasonic 520w is plenty for you. you can get the 620w version if you want for more head room although 520w is plenty.

    if you think you may run the GTX560 in SLI, any of these three PSU will fit the bill and are under $100 after MIR
  6. ok thanks
  7. i have one more question does newegg ship 2 austraila
  8. sorry they don't. your best bet is to find a 500w+ unit from a reliable brand like corsair, seasonic, antec, enermax, ocz, silverstone, xfx
  9. i though u said to get a 750 w psu and i found one on amazon
  10. Just to be clear, is that GTX560 one of the TI GPUs?
  11. And are you planning to SLI it with another GPU?
  12. im only getting one or i might get a second one
  13. skitz9417 said:
    im only getting one or i might get a second one

    well if you plan on getting a second video card then get a 750w unit. i did not know amazon shipped to Australia.
  14. yeah some of them do
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