Upgrading my gpu need help

building a new x79 rig. I wanna get a evga 590 now and if anything comes out in 3 months just do the step up program. So when is nvidia releasing new gpus? Should I wait ir out or just buy a cheaper gpu for now?
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  1. Nvidia is rumoured to be releasing the next series of GPU's in the second quarter of 2012.

    There is no exact date yet.

    That being said I believe that only EVGA offer the step up program, I could be very wrong though.
  2. ya i believe evga is the only one who offers that but if q2 of 2012 is when new gpus come out i wont be able to upgrade. I'm building a completely new rig so i want it to be future proof for a bit. my 9800gt just isnt doing skyrim justice
  3. so you can pick up a high end GPU such as GTX 560ti which is $200 then sell it in Q2 2012 and invest your money on a high end GTX 6K GPU.
  4. i could only imagine how expensive thats gonna be if a 590 goes for 750 now. hopefully the new gpus run a bit cooler too.
  5. Yes they are 28nm, will produce less heat and consume less power.
  6. There's no need for something outrageously expensive like a GTX 590 to play a game like Skyrim. The highest end cards are always simply terrible values for the money so unless you are wealthy enough that money doesn't really matter to you at all there's no reason to even consider that card.
    I agree with ilysaml. Get something like a GTX 560 Ti for now. It's approximately 3x faster than your 9800GT. Closer to 4x if you get a card with a high factory OC or do it yourself. When the new cards come out figure out if any of them make more sense than adding a second GTX 560 Ti for SLI.
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