My monitor shaking, the colors distorted and my pc won't start

my monitor shaking, the colors distorted and my PC won't start at all. it only displays a distorted intel Pentium 4 and it doesn't even go to boot menu or widows. I recently reset the cmos. help
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  1. Any other issues before this, why did you reset the cmos? If you have an add-one video card, try a new one. Otherwise, it could be RAM, motherboard, maybe the power supply.
  2. When I reset the cmos some how it displayed Pentium 4 log window and stacks there before I reseted it the monitor goes from green to orange while the pc is on. I changed the RAM but no change and when I remove the RAM totally, it beeps I have two RAM installed. cdrw and DVD players led blinks when I start the pc. This problem started after windows installation failed so many times by displaying ntfs.sys missing. then someone told me this may be due to RAM so I removed the RAMs and installed it again as he told me and thing worst.
  3. If it's bad ram re-installing the same bad stick or sticks won't fix anything. You need to try new or at least known good old ram.
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